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G550 Galvanized steel strip Z275g/m2 with thickness 0.75mm, 0.8mm, 0.95mm 1.15mm

Short Description:

Galvanized steel strip with width 50-500mm, widely used for steel structure, building and construction.

The surface oxidation resistance of galvanized steel strip is strong, which can strengthen the anti-corrosion penetration ability of parts.

1. Low processing cost.
2. Durable. The durability of the coating is reliable.
3. The coating has strong toughness.
4. Galvanized steel strip can be fully protected even in depressions, sharp corners and hidden places.
5. In general, the cost of hot dip zinc is lower than that of applying other protective coatings.

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Hot-dip galvanized strip is a product with high performance and high added value produced by hot-rolled coil as raw material through cold rolling - annealing - galvanizing. Material saving plays an immeasurable and irreplaceable role.

1. Ordinary usage: Processing household appliances, such as sinks, etc., can strengthen door panels, etc., or strengthen kitchen utensils, etc.
2. Construction industry: light steel joists, roofs, ceilings, walls, baffles, rain racks, rolling shutter doors, warehouse interior and exterior panels, thermal insulation pipe shells, etc.
3. Household appliances: Reinforcement and protection in refrigerators, washing machines, showers, vacuum cleaners and other household appliances.
4. Automotive industry: cars, trucks, trailers, luggage carts, refrigerated truck parts, garage doors, wipers, fenders, fuel tanks, water tanks, etc.
5. Industrial industry: As the base material of stamping materials, it will be used in bicycles, digital products, armored cables, etc.

Galvanized steel strip specification can be customized according to customer’s requirement.

Thickness 0.12mm-3mm ; 11gauge-36gauge
Width 50mm-500mm;
Standard JIS G3302, EN10142, EN 10143, GB/T2618-1998, ASTM653, AS NZS 1397
Material grade SGCC, DX51D, G550, SPGC, ect.
Zinc coating Z30-Z275g/㎡
Surface treatment Passivation or Chromated, Skin Pass,Oil or Unoiled,or Antifinger print
Spangle Small/ Regular/ Big/ Non-Spangle
Coil weight 0.5-1 tons, one package is usually 3-5tons
Coil inner diameter 508/610mm
Hardness Soft hard (HRB60),medium hard (HRB60-85), full hard (HRB85-95)

Galvanized steel strips are widely used for construction, building, roof sheets, automobiles, agriculture,home appliances,vanitation pipe and commercial industries.

The galvanized steel strip base material can be divided into cold-rolled steel and hot-rolled steel. The thickness of galvanized strip with cold rolled steel is 0.12-2mm, while the thickness of galvanized strip with hot-rolled steel material is 2-5mm. The steel grade for cold rolled galvanized steel strips are G550, DX51D+Z, S350,S550, Q195, Q235, SGCC. The strip is generally slit from galvanized steel coils which width from 600-1500mm, so that any strip width is available.
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