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Ppgl Steel Coils AZ150 For Roller Door Manufacturing 0.2mm 0.3mm

Short Description:

PPGL is an acronym for prepainted galvalume steel, it use galvalume as substrate. After surface pretreatment(chemical degreasing and chemical conversion treatment), the surface coated with a layer or several layers of coating, through baking and curing, then become the PPGL.

The paint film that we can do 10-30microns. The higher the paint film, the longer the service life of the color.

The painting material are PE, SMP, HDP, PVDF, ects.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Thickness 0.12mm-1.5mm, (11gauge-36gauge,  or according to customer's requirement)
Width 750mm-1250mm (or according to customer's requirement)
Standard GBT2518-2008, ASTM A653,JIS G3302,EN 10142, and etc
Material grade SGCC/SGCH/CS Type A and B/DX51D/DX52D/G550/S280/S350 ETC.
AZ coating AZ30-AZ150g
Color standard RAL Number as customer's request
Coating Top coating:5-30UM
Back coating :5-15UM
Base steel Galvalume Steel
Surface treatment Passivation or Chromated, Skin Pass,Oil or Unoiled,or Antifinger print
Coil weight 3-5 tons or as customer's requirement
Coil inner Diameter 508/610mm or as per your request


Prepainted Steel Coil Coating Types

1. Top paint:PVDF, HDP, SMP, PE, PU

2.Primer Paint: Polyerethane, Epoxy, PE

Back Paint: Epoxy, Modified Polyester


Various Color

Building & Construction, household appliances, transportation, roofing sheet

Standard seaworthy export packing: 3 layers of packing.

Plastic film in the first layer, second layer is Kraft paper. Third layer is galvanized sheet+package strip+corner protected.

prepainted steel coil 1

prepainted steel coil 0

prepainted steel coil 4

The development trend of domestic color-coated coils

In recent years, the newly-added production capacity of color-coated panels in China is mainly based on the development and positioning of high-end construction and home appliance panels; in construction, attention is paid to the research and development and application of high-end architectural color coating products, such as suede, mesh color coating, cold roof color coating, aluminum magnesium Manganese series color coating and other high-end decorative products. Environmental protection coating processes such as powder color-coated panels and water-based color-coated panels are being developed and applied.

In terms of production, the start of construction in 2021 may change the overall relatively weak trend in recent years. In the first quarter, production was seasonally low due to insufficient demand. However, with the rebound in demand, the situation continued to improve in the second quarter. From the perspective of overall demand, In the third quarter of this year, it may continue to run at a high level. The main reason is that under the background of limited steel raw material output, steel prices may continue to push up, and coated sheet companies are more enthusiastic about production; at the same time, the northern construction demand is relatively optimistic, which will enable production conditions to be supported.


In terms of exports, the overall export situation declined slightly last year, but exports in 2021 have a good start, which may open up a better momentum for the whole year. At the same time, the overseas epidemic of major exporting countries has been relatively controlled, and exports in the first half of the year may continue to maintain a good situation. The overall export in the first half of the year is expected to increase by 400,000-500,000 tons. Therefore, the export situation may reverse the unfavorable situation last year. Of course, foreign independent production capacity may also increase in the second half of the year, and eventually exports or increase in the second half of the year will slow down.


Finally, prepainted steel coil price. Last year, the price rose relatively to the median. In 2021, as the cost of raw materials continues to rise, demand will also have certain support. Its market trend may show a high range operation. Continue to rise. In the context of relatively high prices, the profit margins of manufacturers and distributors will also be improved.


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