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Zinc roofing is galvanized corrugated sheets, base material is galvanized steel sheet. After cold forming through the module, it became the corrugated sheet. The product has various designed type and specification, such as Wave type,Trapezoidal type,Glazed type. As widely used for roofing material, it is also called roof sheet. 

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Product Detail

Corrugated sheet is also called cold formed sheet. It uses colored coated steel plate, galvanized plate and other metal plates to roll and cold bend into various wave shaped profiled boards. It is suitable for roof, wall and internal and external wall decoration of industrial and civil buildings, warehouses, special buildings and long-span steel structure houses. It has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, rich color, convenient and fast construction, earthquake resistance, fire prevention, rain proof, long service life and maintenance free. It has been widely popularized and applied.

Corrugated steel plates are usually classified in a variety of ways according to the application position, plate type wave height, overlapping structure, and material. Common classification methods are as follows:

(1) According to the applied parts, it is divided into roof sheet, wall panel, floor bearing plate and ceiling plate. In use, the color steel plate is also used as the wall decoration plate, and the architectural decoration effect is novel and unique.
(2) According to the wave height, it is divided into high wave plate (wave height ≥ 70mm), medium wave plate (wave height < 70mm) and low wave plate (wave height < 30mm)
(3) According to the base plate, it is classified into hot-dip galvanized base plate and hot-dip galvalume base plate.
(4) According to the plate joint structure, it can be divided into lap joint, undercut and buckle structure. Among them, the medium and high wave plates with undercut and buckle should be used as roof panels with high waterproof requirements; The overlapped medium and high wave galvanized plate is used as the floor cover plate; Lapped low wave plates should be used as wall panels.

Product performance: steel sheet thickness 0.2mm ~ 1.5mm
Effective width: 608mm, 760mm, 820mm, 900mm, 950mm, 960mm, 1025mm, etc
Win Road International Trading Co., Ltd has one production line for corrugate sheet, it is able to produce various type according to customer’s requirement. Annually production capacity 30,000(thirty thousand) tons.

Product Advantages
Perfect corrosion resistance
Cheap and cheerful
Widely used on steel structure
Various sizes and types. Available for customized.

Product Specification

Based Steel Galvanized steel , or Galvalume steel according to requirement
Width (Available for customized requirement) Before Corrugated : 1250mm 1219mm 1200mm 1000mm 914mm 762mm
After Corrugated:360mm-1200mm
Length 1.8- 5.8 meters or as client’s request
Coating Thickness 20-275 g/㎡
Spangle Small/ Regular/ Big/ Non-Spangle
Surface treatment Galvanized series : chromated,oiled
Galvalume series : anti-finger,Non anti-finger
Bundle Weight: 3-5MT

Sheet Type

Corrugated Sheet Size Specification

Corrugated Sheet Application

Galvanized Corrugate Sheet is widely used on construction and steel structure. Steel wall, roof sheet, container, auto industry, household appliances.

Galvanized Corrugated Sheet Application

Antirust paper+plastic+steel sheet wrapped, tied with steel straps, and add pallet according to requirement.
Roof Sheet China Factory
Loading & Shipping
Load by container: pallet+steel rod reinforced.
Load by bulk: no pallet
Steel sheet in container

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