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Ordering Information for ASTMA 653 Galvanized Coil

Ordering Information for ASTMA 653 Galvanized Coil
Zinc-coated or zinc-iron alloy-coated sheet in coils and cut lengths is produced to thickness requirements expressed to 0.001 in. [0.01 mm]. The thickness of the sheet includes both
the base metal and the coating.
Orders for product to this specification shall include the following information, as necessary, to adequately describe the desired product:
1 Name of product (steel sheet, zinc-coated (galvanized) or zinc-iron alloy-coated (galvannealed)),
2 Designation of sheet [CS (Types A, B, and C), FS (Types A and B), DDS (Types A and C), EDDS, SS, HSLAS, HSLAS-F, SHS, or BHS].
3 When a SS, HSLAS, HSLAS-F, SHS, or BHS designation is specified, state the grade, or class, or combination thereof.
4 ASTM designation number and year of issue, as A653 for inch-pound units or A653M for SI units.
5 Coating designation,
6 Chemically treated or not chemically treated,
7 Oiled or not oiled,
8 Minimized spangle (if required),
9 Extra smooth (if required),
10 Phosphatized (if required),
11 Dimensions (show thickness, minimum or nominal, width, flatness requirements, and length, (if cut lengths)).
12 Coil size requirements (specify maximum outside diameter (OD), acceptable inside diameter (ID),and maximum weight [mass]),
13 Packaging,
14 Certification, if required, heat analysis and mechanical property report,
15 Application (part identification and description), and
16 Special requirements (if any).
16.1 If required, the product may be ordered to a specified base metal thickness
16.2 If required, the product may be ordered to a specified single spot/single side coating mass
16.3 When the purchaser requires thickness tolerances for 3⁄8-in. [10-mm] minimum edge distance this requirement shall be specified in the purchase order or contract.
NOTE 1—Typical ordering descriptions are as follows: steel sheet, zinc-coated, commercial steel Type A, ASTM A653, Coating Designation G115, chemically treated, oiled, minimum 0.040 by 34 by 117 in., for stock tanks, or steel sheet, zinc-coated, high strength low alloy steel Grade 340, ASTM A653M, Coating Designation Z275, minimized spangle, not chemically treated, oiled, minimum 1.00 by 920 mm by coil, 1520-mm maximum OD, 600-mm ID, 10 000-kg maximum, for tractor inner fender.
NOTE 2—The purchaser should be aware that there are variations in manufacturing practices among the producers and therefore is advised to establish the producer’s standard (or default) procedures for thickness tolerances.

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