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Galvalume Coil Coating Thickness Data.

Galvalume Coil Coating Thickness Data
This specification covers 55 % aluminum-zinc alloy coated steel sheet in coils and cut lengths.
This product is intended for applications requiring corrosion resistance or heat resistance, or both.
The product is produced in a number of designations, types, and grades which are designed to be compatible with differing application requirements.
Weight [Mass] of Coating Thickness
NOTE 1—Use the information provided in below table to obtain the approximate coating thickness from the coating weight[mass].
NOTE 2—When considering material with coating designation less than AZ50 [AZM150], users are advised to discuss the intended application with the manufacturer to determine if the product is appropriate for the end use.

Minimum Requirements


Triple-Spot Test Single-Spot Test
  Inch-Pound Units
Coating Designation Total Both Sides, oz/ft2 Total Both Sides, oz/ft2
AZ30 0.30 0.26
AZ35 0.35 0.30
AZ40 0.40 0.35
AZ50 0.50 0.43
AZ55 0.55 0.50
AZ60 0.60 0.52
AZ70 0.70 0.60
                              Minimum Requirements
  Triple-Spot Test Single-Spot Test
  SI Units
Coating Designation Total Both Sides, oz/ft2 Total Both Sides, oz/ft2
AZM100 100 85
AZM110 110 95
AZM120 120 105
AZM150 150 130
AZM165 165 150
AZM180 180 155
AZM210 210 180

The coating designation number is the term by which this product is specified. Because of the many variables and changing conditions that are characteristic of continuous hot-dip coating lines, the weight [mass] of the coating is not always evenly divided between the two surfaces of a sheet, nor is the coating evenly distributed from edge to edge. However, it can normally be expected that not less than 40 % of the single-spot test limit will be found on either surface.
Coating Properties
Coating weight [mass] shall conform to the requirements as shown in Table for the specific coating designation.
Use the following relationships to estimate the coating thickness from the coating weight [mass]:
1.00 oz /ft2 coating weight = 3.20 mils coating thickness, 3.75 g/m2 coating mass = 1.00 µm coating thickness.
Use the following relationship to convert coating weight to coating mass:
1.00 oz/ft2 coating weight = 305 g/m2 coating mass.

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